Academic Integrity

"In the reforming spirit of Martin Luther, Luther College affirms the liberating power of faith and learning. As people of all backgrounds, we embrace diversity and challenge one another to learn in community, to discern our callings, and to serve with distinction for the common good".

from the Luther College Mission Statement

Academic Integrity is at the heart of a community of faith and learning. At Luther, students and faculty work together to insure that all academic work is based on the principles of honesty and fairness.

Because of this, students at Luther College first adopted an Honor Code in 1962 and have affirmed its importance for the academic life a Luther ever since.

It is every student's responsibility to observe the Honor Code by not violating academic integrity, and to protect the Honor Code by reporting any possible cases of violation.

The students elect the Honor Council which not only promotes academic integrity on campus, but also investigates possible Honor Code violations.

Faculty members support the work of the Honor Council by reporting possible violations. They also protect academic integrity in their courses by educating students about academic integrity and sanctioning violations.

Protecting Academic Integrity

As with many things, there are gray areas when it comes to violations of academic integrity. Sometimes, a violation is not as obvious or might only be an honest mistake. Therefore, there are two procedures for dealing with possible violations of academic integrity: The Individual Review, conducted by faculty members, and the Honor Code Review, conducted by the members of the Honor Council. The Honor Code Review is regulated in the Honor Code. The Individual Review is described in the Faculty Handbook.

Changes to the Honor Code

The current version of the Honor Code was adopted in 2010/11.

Some changes were made in 2014/15. You can read more here.