Reporting a Violation

Write down at once exactly what you saw / read / heard, for example:

  • What time was it?
  • What happen exactly?
  • Who else was present? Who might be a witness?
  • Where were you (during a test: where were you sitting)?

Contact your professor or contact the Honor Council, either via email at [email protected] or campus mail (SPO “Honor Council”) or the Faculty Advisor to the Honor Council.

  • After you report the case, you should not talk about it with anyone outside the Honor Council. Keep in mind that a report to the Honor Council cannot be retracted.
  • The person you accused or his/her friends should not talk about the case with you before or after the case has been discussed by the Honor Council Review Board.

You might be asked to appear in front of the Honor Council Review Board. You do not have to face the person you accuse of breaking the Honor Code. Also, you can choose to stay anonymous to the person you reported.

  • All actions that interfere with the work of the Honor Council are also considered violations of the Honor Code, including, but not limited to the destruction of evidence, the intimidation of witnesses or complainants, or retaliatory actions against witnesses or complainants.
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