Student Research or Conference Travel Grants

The Office of the Provost offers funds to support student research work. Funds are available for specifically for supplies or expenses needed to undertake a research project or for students to travel to a conference or event.

The amount of funding available each year varies and funding decisions are made in the order they are received. Please make your request for funds at least 4 weeks prior to the date the funds are needed and/or prior to the date of travel. The requesting student and faculty advisor will be notified about the funding decision. Priority will be given to projects that involve substantial student initiative and to students who have not been previously funded through this program.


Grants for Student Research Project Supplies

Grants are available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who undertake independent research or creative projects that involve expenses not normally covered by an academic department. Non-consumable items purchased (e.g., books, equipment) become the property of Luther College. Funds cannot be used to compensate others.

To apply for student research funds, please fill out the Student Research Funds Application.


Grants for Student Research Travel

Students may apply for grants to cover expenses for costs of travel to an academic conferences or meetings or an event related to a research project. (Meal costs will not be covered, unless included as part of conference registration fees.)

To apply for student travel funds, please fill out the Student Travel Funds Application.

Contact Information:

Molly Wilker
Director of Undergraduate Research

Phone: 563-387-1123
Email: [email protected]