Academic Seminars

From day one, classes at Luther College get you thinking in new and unexpected ways. At Luther College, you can create your own future — you can be a musician-athlete, scientist-actor, nurse-linguist or whatever else you can imagine. Listen on-demand to our academic seminars where our faculty members, students, and alumni discuss how they applied their Luther College education in real-life experiences in their fields across a variety of disciplines.

Please continue to check back for additional academic seminars covering different fields of study!

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Biology Seminars

Biology Research Seminar

Biology seniors Maretta Hanson and Lena Schmitt discuss their research on campus at Luther College and how it's opened doors for their future. Kirk Larsen, professor of biology and department chair, and Stephanie Fretham, associate professor of biology, moderate this seminar and were available for questions from the audience.

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Introduction to Biology: Pre-Professional Focus

Hosted by Luther College Professor of Biology, Mark Eichinger, this one-hour webinar will focus on the pre-professional (pre-medicine, pre-veterinary science, pre-optometry, pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy) side of biology. The session will conclude with a Q&A with Professor Eichinger and two current Luther biology students.

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Introduction to Biology: Environmental, Conservation, and Ecology Focus

Hosted by Professor of Biology Eric Baack, get the opportunity to learn more about the ecology, conservation, environmental science, and field biology areas of the biology department. There is also a Q&A session at the end of the seminar with Professor Baack and a current Luther biology student.

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Introduction to Biology: Pre-Health, Neuroscience, Cell-Molecular Focus

Hosted by Professor of Biology Scott Carlson, this virtual seminar focused on pre-health, neuroscience, and cell-molecular biology at Luther. A current Luther student majoring in pre-health was available for a Q&A session at the end of the seminar.

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Introduction to Biology: Related Internships at Luther

Hear from three current Luther students about their recent experiences in immersion internship, and get the chance to hear about the Luther internship program. Jodi Enos-Berlage, Professor of Biology, Rochester Semester Director, and Associate Dean for Integrated Academic and Career Development, and several other biology faculty moderate the seminar.

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Chemistry Seminars

Transforming Matter, Transforming People: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pre-Professional Opportunities at Luther College

During this one-hour seminar, a panel of chemistry faculty and current Luther students give an overview of the chemistry, biochemistry, and pre-professional programs at Luther, and take you on a tour of the chemistry facilities. At the end of the seminar, there is a Q&A session where attendees ask questions to the chemistry panel.

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Communication Studies Seminars

Documentary Filmmaking

Have you ever wanted to produce a documentary film? This session takes a deep dive into each step of documentary film production: 1) Script and research 2) Pre-production to production 3) Post-production.

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English Seminars

Intro to English and Identity Studies at Luther

Whether you love to write and read literature or want to bolster your prep for Medical or Law school, listen to Professors Hageman and Whitsitt explain how English and Identity Studies courses and tracks work for Luther students.

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General Education Seminars

Biblical Studies: Specific Education as General Education

An introductory biblical studies course is part of the general education curriculum at Luther College. In this seminar, Professors Sean Burke, Guy Nave, Robert Shedinger, and Kristin Swanson of the Religion department each give a glimpse of the kind of learning that happens in their biblical studies courses.

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Teaching Astronomy at Luther

Dr. Jeff Wilkerson gives an overview of the Astronomy course at Luther and talks about how this course helps students develop an understanding and appreciation of our larger environment, the physical universe itself (planets, stars, galaxies, and space).

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Music Seminars

Music, Athletics, and Theatre, Oh, My!

Wanting to pursue music, athletics, drama and more in college? Professor Potvin and current Luther students will share how to do it all, all while getting top grades and not burning out during your first-year on campus.

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The Music of Jean Sibelius

In this podcast series, Brooke Joyce, professor of music and composer in residence at Luther College, explores the mysterious and wonderful music of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. This podcast includes four episodes that lead us through Sibelius's Fourth Symphony.

Episode One: Listening to Nature

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Episode Two: The Mystery of Nature

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Episode Three: Calling to Nature

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Episode Four: Darkness There and Nothing More

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Ensemble Music Education in the Real World

If you're considering a career as a high school or middle school music teacher, this is the session for you. Led by Luther Choir Director Mark Potvin, a Luther alumnus, and other Norse graduates, this seminar provides details about being a choir, band, or orchestra director and how a Luther education can open doors to a career in music.

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Physics Seminars

Astrophysics and Research at Luther

Luther astrophysicist, Dr. Jeff Wilkerson, provides an overview of the astrophysics program at Luther College. Topics include coursework, research and internship opportunities, and paths to take for careers in this and similar fields.

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STEM Seminars

Studying in the STEM Disciplines at Luther: Key Strengths and Distinctive Programs

In this seminar you will hear from Luther College faculty members who cover a wide variety of STEM disciplines including biology, chemistry, computer science, data science, mathematics, neuroscience, physics and engineering. These individuals are innovative teachers and active researchers who are ready to welcome you into the Luther community to pursue your interests in the STEM fields. Join us to hear their perspectives on Luther's strengths and learn more about the student experience to see why Luther College is an excellent place to study in the STEM disciplines!

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Visual and Performing Arts Seminars

Alumni Mega Mega

Supported by a Vocational Grant, this event connected current Luther Theatre students with recent Luther Alumni who are working in theatre in the Twin Cities for a short performance and discussion about life after graduation.

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