Alumnus Robby Scott gives a presentation on his latest exhibition.

Studio Art

Studio practice refers to artists whose focus is on the creation, exhibition, and/or sales of their art. Such artists are often self-employed and many supplement their income through other work. This can also refer to artists who focus on creating portfolios in preparation for graduate school.

Our students explore mediums before concentrating on a specific area (painting, ceramics, printmaking, etc.) Studio work is supplemented with art history and contemporary art issues courses.

Art History, Museum, and Galleries

Museums, galleries, and many nonprofit art organizations provide many opportunities for art-related careers. All art organizations need people who can bring an aesthetic sensibility to jobs. These jobs range from marketing and sales, to the installation of exhibits, and the management of collections.

Students interested in this field should focus on art history, museum studies, and/or management. They should also take introductory studio classes.

Design and Art

Artists with an interest in design find employment in a variety of ways. Some are self-employed and produce freelance work for specific clients. Others work for a variety of businesses and industries. Almost every item that is manufactured, developed, or otherwise created has made use of a designer somewhere along the way.

Students interested in design should concentrate on electronic or computer-based media. They should also take studio courses, especially drawing.