Requirements and Courses

Given China’s growing economic and political influence in the world, and Luther students’ career interests, an interdisciplinary Chinese Studies minor will go beyond language learning and address the global importance of Chinese culture,politics and economics.

Course work

The rebranded Chinese Studies minor requires a total of 25 credits including six courses plus a 1-credit Directed Research as listed below:

  • Three Language courses: Chinese 101, 102 and 201 (12 cr)
  • Three additional courses from at least two different disciplines: selected from an approved list (12 cr), including Chinese 202, Foreign Culture 142, Chinese/Foreign Culture 242, History 161, History 361, Religion 220, Religon 228, Religion 236, Relion 255 or Paideia 450 with China related topic
  • CHIS 350, a capstone course for the Chinese studies minor