Leo is often recognized by a sickle shape followed by a triangle. One of the down sides of mobile phone images of star patterns is that these images tend to flatten the field significantly, making star-to-star brightness variations much smaller, obscuring the expected prominent pattern. We have marked all the stars of the sickle and triangle in the image to help the viewer identify the bright pattern usually stands out more on the sky, with Regulus noticeably brighter than the others. Algeiba, also known as Gamma Leonis, is a famous binary star, beautiful in small telescopes. This region provides numerous galaxies for the observer with a telescope. The region east of Denebola, toward Virgo, presents a particularly rich field of galaxies. Bright galaxies M65, M66 and NGC 3628 (see an image in the Galaxies section of this web site) lie about 2.5 degrees southeast of Chertan.