The image above shows the famous "teapot" asterism of Sagittarius. The top of the teapot's lid is marked by Kaus Borealis and the tip of the spout is marked by Alnasl. Nunki and tau are handle stars. Thus, in this image the teapot is tipped up pouring tea to the right. When we observe this region of the sky, we are looking toward the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. In fact, the black at the center of the galaxy lies just above and right of the spout in this image. This is rich region of the sky, full of nebulae, star clouds, and star clusters. The image below shows a wider view of the region, with Sagittarius and Scorpius above the Luther College campus, looking south. The teapot of Sagittarius can be found to the left in this image and Scorpius to the right.