Ballroom & Swing Club

Laura Stefan '23 and Beck Janus '24 dancing at UDance 2022

Luther College's Ballroom and Swing club exists to promote dance, culture, and fun on the college campus. The competitive dancing team alone has over 30 members, with our social dancers adding even more to our club as a whole. We aim to teach anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to dance.

By bringing in various ballroom dance professionals and collaborating with other college clubs, we provide a thorough instruction to all who attend. However, as a student-led group, we also run our own practices weekly and strive to create a responsible and inclusive community through our independence. 

Luther's Ballroom and Swing club offers an incredible opportunity for all students to experience dance in a new way, and meet others who are just as curious about the world of ballroom dance. Through laughter, a little sweat, and of course, dancing, the ballroom club wants to give everyone the chance to strut their stuff on the dance floor and have a new and creative outlet!

Interested in joining our team? Let us know by filling out this form! This form is for those interested in both competitive and social dancers!

Visit our Club Website for more videos, photos, and upcoming events!