A student conducts research.

Research is foundational to obtaining knowledge in science and an important component of the biology program at Luther College. For faculty, maintaining an active research program helps keep us current in our field and is an important part of our work as scholars. For students, obtaining research experience as an undergraduate is an essential part of preparing for a career as a biologist and necessary when applying for graduate programs. 

Biology students collaborate with Luther biology faculty on research in the lab and the field, collecting data and discussing their results at national conferences and in papers published in scientific journals. Students can apply for fellowships to conduct research with Luther faculty during the summers or to work with scientists around the country. During the academic year, students work with faculty and may obtain academic credit or get paid depending on funding available, or work as a volunteer.

"The Luther biology department does a great job at helping undergraduate students get involved in research. Already in my junior year I have had the opportunity to work with two different faculty members on two totally different research projects, and I am currently designing my own independent research that I hope to carry out over the next year." —Kirstin Manges '09

collaborative research student and faculty members pose for a photo.

Serres, Eichinger, and Solberg Collaborative Research

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