Video Gallery

  • Microbiology Research Lab - Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

  • Summer Research - Forest Composition

    Associate Professor Beth Lynch leads Student Researcher Savannah Wilson on a survey of the forest composition of the Finch Memorial Hardwoods Preserve.

  • Summer Research - Moth Diversity

    Professor of Biology Kirk Larsen and Student Researcher Lena Schmitt survey the diversity of moth populations in and around Luther's campus.

  • 100 Years of Biology at Luther College

  • Hoslett Lecture 2019

  • Hoslett Lecture 2018

  • Hoslett Lecture 2017

  • January Term Internship: Chella Bhagyam

    Chella Bhagyam reflects on her internship at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in LaCrosse, Wisconsin during J-term.

  • January Term Internship: Bryan Butel

    Bryan Butel's internship at the Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

  • January Term Internship: Brenna Gibbons

    Brenna Gibbons explains her biology internship at the Winneshiek Medical Center during J-term.

  • Cadaver Lab at Luther College

    Details about the unique lab on the Luther campus.

  • Faculty Spotlight: Kirk Larsen

    Meet Kirk Larsen, professor of biology.

  • Faculty Spotlight: Beth Lynch

    Meet Beth Lynch, associate professor of biology.

  • Faculty Spotlight: Molly McNicoll

    Meet Molly McNicoll, visiting instructor in biology.