Water Web and Pledge

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Water Web

We are diverse: dancers, designers, biologists, chemists, doctors, writers, teachers, students, artists, researchers. We represent a small portion of the audience we intend to reach and we have come together to work and create together, just as we hope to inspire our audience to do.

We are working together to form bonds within the community, similar in a way to oxygen and hydrogen atoms that bond together to create H2O molecules that then create chains of unity, chains of community. Only by extending our hands and knowledge to create our own hydrogen bonds with the bodies around us can we hope to permeate the world with goals of betterment for all beings.

—Deveny Miles
 February 17, 2015—Intern, Dry Run Studio “Bridge” project; Performer, Body of Water project

Water Pledge 

I am responsible to the water that runs through my body, hands, 
and property.

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