Course Topics

MUS 131 Theory I - Honors

Honors section of theory for first-year students. A placement test is required before registering for any section of music theory.

MUS 131L Ear Training I - Honors

Honors section of ear training for first-year students.

MUS 132 Theory II - Honors

A continuation of Theory I. Includes modulation, small forms, and variation technique. Keyboard exercises and computer-assisted instructional materials are integrated into the course.

MUS 132L Ear Training II - Honors

Continuation of MUS 131L. Honors section for first-year students.

MUS 231 Theory III

A continuation of Theory II. Covers chromatic harmony and voice leading, modulation, modal mixture, and styles and techniques relating to music of the twentieth century and beyond. Activities include written exercises, keyboard exercises, composition exercises, and the analysis of musical examples.

MUS 231L Ear Training III

A study including sight singing, rhythmic performance, keyboard and improvisation exercises, dictation (melodic, harmonic, rhythmic), and related skills, all designed to develop the student's musical ear to the highest degree possible.

MUS 332 Theory IV

A continuation of Theory III. A culmination of theory study, which focuses on the large-scale tonal organization of entire compositions or movements, with an emphasis on conventions relating to form and style. Covers traditional instrumental and vocal forms, contrapuntal genres, and popular music forms. The course emphasizes writing and speaking about music and includes an introduction to library research.

MUS 332L Ear Training IV

A continuation of 231L. Normally taken concurrently with 332.