Luther College Student Investment Group

Student Investments Group members at Luther College.

The Luther College Student Investment Group (LCSIG) was founded in January 2012 by a group of Luther College students interested and involved in capital markets. The mission of the group is to provide a quality education in the field of investment to a broad array of Luther College students through hands-on work, discussion, analysis, and practice of investment strategies. The group stresses that knowledge of the stock market is of value to all students, regardless of major or year in school. The group works to complete their mission by having weekly meetings that consist of reviewing the market for the previous week, curricular lectures, large group discussion, and proposals for equities to buy and sell. Also, each member has created a risk-free online portfolio that allows students the opportunity to invest in equities markets. Making mistakes are emphasized and the group discusses what could've been done differently in order to learn from these mistakes.