Economics Major and Minor

A Luther student talking to a business during the career fair.

Economics is an extremely diverse discipline that goes beyond theory and books. Classes are often rooted in discussion and address issues beyond the normal boundaries of economics. We are equipped with tools that prepare us to face a diverse and ever-changing world and its problems.” —Mitchell Stenoien, '17

The economics department strives to give students a solid foundation in economic theory, equip them with the tools to think more clearly about the problems that face society, and expose them to the ethical dimension of economic decision-making.

What You Will Learn

Economics majors have the option to concentrate their courses in one of two fields:

  • Plan I focuses on the business side of economics
  • Plan II emphasizes the political and philosophical aspects of economics

This two-track approach allows you to take classes that fits your individual interests and opens up a variety of career options. In addition, many economics students apply their course knowledge through a variety of internships to gain valuable work experience.

Engaged Faculty

The farther I get into the economics major I realize how much the material I'm learning impacts my everyday life. It was refreshing to come to Luther and find professors who have an answer to "how does learning this help me in the future?” —Bethany Noltner, '17

Economics faculty at Luther serve as academic advisors and work closely with you on your curricular choices to prepare you for any career choice. Because the faculty hold a number of full-time positions, smaller class sizes allow for class discussions, participation, and individual questions. Students are encouraged to seek advice early and often from faculty and broaden their studies by enrolling in courses that develop writing and problem-solving skills, as well as mathematics.

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