Management Major and Minor

Students engage in a team building exercise in their management course.

“Before coming to Luther, I had no idea what I wanted as a future career. The wide variety of courses offered with the management major really helped me understand what options were in the business world and direct my interests to a position involving sales and marketing.” —Ben Harney, ’15

The management major is designed to prepare students for ethical leadership, decision-making, and service in organizations operating within a global environment.

What You Will Learn

“I chose the management major because of its compatibility with other majors and its wide range of classes available within the single major. At other schools you have to major in just marketing or just finance, but at Luther you get to dabble in everything management and get a feel for all aspects of the field.” —Kayla Herman, ’15

The variety of courses taught allows you the opportunity to choose between an exposure of many industries and positions or focus on a specific interest. Class sizes allow for personal relationships not only with classmates to develop a network, but also with faculty who can direct students to different internship opportunities and alumni. Regardless of the focus, management majors and minors can be assured they will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for their future careers.

Engaged Faculty

Management faculty at Luther serve as academic advisors and work closely with you on your curricular choices—including possible focuses on marketing, financially based classes, and entrepreneurship—to prepare you for any career choice. Because there is significant overlap in the preparation for any of these options, as well as many others, you will enjoy considerable flexibility when selecting courses. Students are encouraged to seek advice early and often from faculty whose expertise align with their own interests and broaden their studies by enrolling in courses in the fields of psychology, mathematics, and communication studies.

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“I chose this major because our society revolves around business and, with this program, Luther supplies a fabulous network with influential people to get your career rolling.” —Jacy Mahoney, ’16


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