Benjamin Johnson '19

Ben Johnson is an accounting major at Luther College.

Major: Accounting

Why did you become an accounting major?

I chose my major because I took an accounting class in high school and really liked it. Accounting appeals to me because I enjoy solving math problems and I like how it involves decision making.

How does Luther's accounting major stand out among other colleges?

I like how the classes are smaller and you tend to have them with the same people. It makes it easy to get to know your classmates.

I also like how Luther’s accounting major focuses on team-based learning. At the beginning of the semester, the class is divided into groups and you stay with the same small group the whole time. I think this is beneficial because the individuals in the groups get to know each other better, it increases the need for good communication, and it helps everyone learn the material more efficiently.  

Has the accounting program challenged you?

In my opinion, the hardest part of the accounting courses are the pre-quizzes. Basically this means you do your reading assignment and take a quiz over the chapter before discussing it in class. I’ve found that the pre-quizzes are beneficial in the long run because they help you better understand what the professor is talking about in class.

What do you hope to do with your degree after graduation?

I plan to take the CPA exam and would like to work for a major public accounting firm, preferably  one of the Big 4 accounting organizations. After that, I hope to get an MBA. My long-term goal is to return to Luther as an accounting professor after getting field experience.

What experiences at Luther have been most valuable so far?

What I’ve liked best is the student-led worship (Focus) held on Sunday nights. The reflection time of Focus is my favorite part of almost every week because it lets me take time for myself and think about life. It’s also a great way to relieve stress.  

Another experience I’ve enjoyed is when some of my best friends and I meet at Marty’s and ask “big-life” questions. It’s an important time for all of us because college involves more than just getting an education.

Do you have inspiring stories of leadership or service to share?

My favorite service opportunity I’ve experienced at Luther is the Habitat for Humanity trip over spring break. It’s amazing because building houses for people in need is a great cause. On top of this, I met some incredible people who want to help the world.

How do you get involved in the Decorah community?

I think I add the most value to the community through PALS (a program that pairs Luther students with area elementary and middle-school students). We have an event every month and it’s a great way to have fun with your pal while also being a mentor to them.

What is one class that you would recommend all students take, regardless of major?

Even though it was by far my hardest class thus far, I absolutely loved my Intro to Biblical Studies course and it was mostly because of the professor who taught it. He did a fantastic job of challenging us while helping us develop stronger beliefs. I feel like I’m a better person after taking his class. In my opinion, that’s what college is all about.