Academic Alert for Faculty/Staff

Submitting an Academic Alert is a way for faculty and staff to alert the Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE) when students are in academic difficulty so that CAE staff may intervene.

While the Academic Alert system is a retention strategy, it is not a first option for classroom management, and should not be used as a replacement for best practices and due diligence by the instructor, including but not limited to, calling, emailing, Katie messaging, or meeting with the student to address concerns. Therefore, faculty should submit an Academic Alert:

● After matters have been discussed with the student and there is little or no improvement.
● As early as the first 2-3 weeks of the course (as early as 1-week during J-Term) so there is sufficient time for intervention and improvement. (Academic Alerts are most critical during the first five (5) weeks of classes and prior to midterm).
● When additional resources are needed.

Advisors and coaches will receive notification when a student receives an Academic Alert.

File an Academic Alert