Learning Inventories


VARK Questionnaire: How do you learn best?

An online questionnaire that will indicate if you are a visual, aural, read/write, or kinesthetic learner. After you have completed the questionnaire, you will be given suggestions about studying based on your learning preference.  


One of the services provided by CAE is assessment of individual learning needs through a personal interview and/or use of the Learning and Study Skills Inventory (LASSI). For specific questions contact CAE or call 563-387-1270.

The Learning and Study Skills Inventory is an assessment tool designed to measure students' use of learning and study strategies and methods. It is a diagnostic and prescriptive measure.

The LASSI is meant to be used as: a diagnostic measure to help identify areas in which students could benefit most from educational interventions; a basis for planning individual prescription for both remediation and enrichment; a pre-post achievement measure for students who are enrolled in Critical Reading and Learning Strategies (GS 110) at Luther; an evaluation tool to assess the degree of success of intervention measures; a counseling tool for college learning centers.

There are 10 scales measuring attitude, motivation, time management, anxiety, concentration, information processing, selecting main ideas, study aids, self testing, and text strategies.

This inventory provides academic support staff with specific areas to be addressed through educational intervention. Publisher: H&H Publishing Co., 1231 Kapp Dr., Clearwater, Florida 33765, (800) 366-4079.