Technology Loaner Request

Luther College will loan technology equipment to students in need of technology due to COVID-19. To be eligible for this loan, the student must be a current Luther student enrolled in the current semester. Loaner technology equipment items that are available to students include: Laptops and Internet Access (hotspots).

Usage Guidelines

Please read carefully. The student agrees to the following usage guidelines:

  • I agree to be responsible for the laptop I am checking out. I will not loan it to other students or mistreat it, and I will keep it safe at all times.
  • I will be careful not to eat or drink around my laptop, as this may damage the unit.
  • I understand that if the laptop is damaged, lost or stolen, I am financially responsible for the cost of replacement (current value) which will be charged to my Luther College Student Account.
  • I will use the laptop for academic purposes and will not download personal software or use it illegally.
  • I will notify the Technology Help Desk immediately if there has been damage to the laptop or it is lost or stolen.
  • I understand that if my laptop is damaged, is not working properly, or needs technical support, I will take it directly to the Technology Help Desk.
  • I understand that I may keep the laptop for the checkout time period but that I must return the laptop to the Circulation Desk (unless the checkout period is extended by mutual agreement).
  • I understand that if I fail to return the laptop by the agreed time, my student account will be automatically charged $5/day ($20/day max) after which, my account will be charged the additional cost of replacement.
  • I understand that failure to comply with these guidelines may also result in denial of current and future loaner privileges to borrow any Luther technology equipment.

Technology Loan Period

The student may borrow the technology loaner equipment for up to one semester. If the student does not return the equipment at this time, the student will be billed for the cost of replacing the equipment.

Liability and Responsibility

The student assumes all responsibility for the safety and condition of the technology equipment loaner from Luther:

  • The student will report any malfunctions and/or damage when it occurs.
  • The student is responsible for the costs of repair and/or replacement of the technology equipment which results from theft, loss, misuse, or neglect by the student or any other persons.
  • The student also agrees to pay any collection costs and/or attorney’s fees if he/she does not pay amounts owed when due.
  • Because the technology equipment may fail, the student is solely responsible for making backups of any files he/she creates. Luther College accepts no responsibility and will not be liable for any losses/damages of any nature due to failure of the technology equipment.

How to Submit a Loaner Request

  1. To request a technology equipment loaner, please complete the Student Request for Technology Loaner form and submit the information to the Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE).
  2. Once CAE staff receives the student request, it will be forwarded to Information Technology Services (ITS) who will notify the student of the next steps in the process.
  3. Submission requests must be completed 2-days (48 hours) before the loan period.
  4. If you have questions, please contact the CAE office at 563.387.1270.