Disability Services Online Testing Form

NOTICE: In order to meet the needs of our students who have testing accommodations, we are using unoccupied faculty offices as quiet testing rooms during the 2022-23 academic year.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you have a student who is registered with Disability Services and has given you an updated accommodation letter that requires a separate, quiet testing room, please complete the form below to request a testing room location.  If the student requires special assistive technology to complete the exam, please request CAE as the testing location.  If the student does not require special assistive technology, choose OTHER and a location in Campus House, Koren, Main, Olin, or Valders will be scheduled for the student by CAE.

  • NOTICE: Faculty should submit this form and the exam to Disability Services within the CAE Office at least 24 hours in advance of the exam date and time. Failure to do so may result in the exam being rescheduled.
  • Please complete if you have a student who is registered with Disability Services, has given you an updated accommodation letter, and needs to take an exam in the Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE).
  • Your exam can be emailed to [email protected], hand delivered, or sent through campus mail to the CAE office.
  • Students testing in CAE are reminded that they are expected to adhere to Luther's Academic Integrity Policy and the Honor Code while testing. If the student is suspected for violating the Honor Code, CAE will contact the professor to let them know the concern.
  • Testing rooms are NOT monitored by CAE staff. Professors are always welcome to check on their students while they are testing in CAE.
  • Students are asked to leave their cell phones and smart watches in CAE while testing.

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What if student does not come to designated testing location at the designated date and time given?
Amount of time allowed for exam noted on accommodation letter:
Does the student have Seperate Space for testing listed as an accommodation?
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