First Year: A Year of Self-Discovery

Immerse yourself in new experiences, meet new friends, and take classes in subjects you have never explored.

Discover Your Interests, Skills, Talents and Values

  1. Identify and assess your interests, skills, and talents:
    1. Read through the Luther College Catalog; select at least one elective course that interests you and relates to your natural strengths and abilities.
    2. Participate in the Lifetime Health & Wellness course designed for all first year students.
    3. Learn more about your interests through an interest inventory.  Contact the Career Center to ask about taking an assessment.
  2. Investigate student organizations, then selectively join one or two.
  3. Pursue a summer job or volunteer opportunity related to your interests.

Explore Majors and Careers

  1. Talk to your advisors, faculty, career counselors or mentors about majors, study abroad and careers.
    1. Read about the course requirements in the Luther College Catalog.
    2. Check out occupations related to various majors starting with What Can I Do With This Major?.

    2. Conduct an informational interview with someone (possibly a Luther Alum) working in your field of interest.

Prepare for the World of Work

  1. Draft a College Resume
    Options for creating a resume:
    a. Attend a Writing Your Resume & Cover Letter Workshop.
    b. Schedule a 1:1 "Resume Basics" appointment with the Career Center by calling 563-387-1025.
    c. Read the Writing Your Resume guide.
    d. View the Make Your Resume POP video. 
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Career Center to have your resume reviewed by calling 563-387-1025.