Senior Year: A Year of Decision-Making

Prepare for life after Luther.

Complete Academic Requirements

  1. Pursue academic success and complete your senior research project/paper.
  2. Confirm your remaining degree requirements, early.

Gain Career-Related Experience and Develop Your Professional Identity

  1. Join professional associations in your career field.
  2. Attend and present at conferences or events.
  3. Obtain career-related experience through a part-time job, internship, or research experience.

Finalize Your Graduate and Professional School Search Plan, Including Fellowships/Scholarships

  1. Complete graduate school application process
    1. Complete application forms.
    2. Register and complete graduate admissions exams.
    3. Complete personal statements and admissions essays.
    4. Request and obtain faculty recommendations.
    5. Participate in a Graduate School Mock Interview with the Career Center.
    6. Apply for graduate assistantships and financial aid.
  2. Once accepted, send in your deposit and notify other schools of your decision.
  3. If you are interested in learning more about FELLOWSHIPS or additional SCHOLARSHIPS, contact Elizabeth Steding, Associate Professor of German/Director of Student Honors and Fellowships. Her office is Main 404  OR view information under the Academics Scholars/Fellowships on the Luther website.
  4. Attend the "Grad Finale" in the Union to pick up your cap and gown!
  5. Complete the Luther College Post-Grad Survey.
  6. Additional helpful information regarding graduate and professional school.

Implement Your Your Job Search Plan and Secure a Position

  1. Develop a job search strategy.
    1. Meet with a Career Counselor or mentor.
    2. Professionalize your resume for post-graduate plans. Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor to have your resume and cover letter critiqued, tailoring it to every position.
    3. Finalize your profile on Luther's HANDSHAKE portal and on LinkedIn.
  2. Identify and research potential employers companies and organizations and the opportunities they offer.
  3. Participate in:
    1. Fall Career Fair and Spring Career Fair
    2. On-campus recruiting
    3. Recruiting events hosted by the Iowa College Recruiting Network ICoRN
  4. Actively review HANDSHAKE for employment opportunities.
  5. Invest a little time each day to your job search. A productive job search may take as much time as a four-credit class.
  6. Prepare your 30-second introduction for networking situations and view job search and interview videos. 
  7. Develop your interviewing strategies and skills.
    1. Review Career Guide - The Art of Interviewing (PDF).
    2. Sharpen your interviewing skills with our online interview preparation software BigInterview.
    3. Schedule a mock interview.
  8. Apply for positions, interview and follow-up with employers.
  9. Accept a position.
  10. Attend the "Grad Finale" in the Union to pick up your cap and gown!
  11. Complete the Luther College Post-Grad Survey.
  12. Additional helpful information regarding your job search plan.