About Us

The Luther College Career Center is a comprehensive career development program that provides a well-balanced array of services to currently enrolled students and alumni of the college. From choosing a major to planning an internship to pursuing employment or graduate school, the Career Center is equipped with the resources and staffed with the professionals to assist you.

Additionally, the Career Center is the principal point of contact for employers, graduate schools, and volunteer organizations who are seeking to recruit Luther students and alumni.

We offer various recruitment options and services to help you connect with our students and graduates. We look forward to working with you!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Career Center at Luther College is to provide assistance to students and alumni as they acquire skills, make decisions, and develop commitments related to meaningful work. Consistent with the college's mission, the Career Center provides comprehensive services designed to better prepare students and alumni to assume positions in which they can serve with distinction for the common good. These services include:

  • programs and activities designed to assist individuals with the selection of majors, careers, and graduate/professional school studies
  • individual and group career counseling and assessment activities to assist students and alumni in evaluating career and life alternatives and making decisions
  • experiential learning activities—such as internships, summer jobs, and volunteer service—designed to promote and enhance the acquisition of skills necessary for successful transition into the workplace and the larger world
  • programs and activities directed toward helping students and alumni make the important connections with individuals, groups, and organizations necessary for work and service

The staff in the Career Center work in partnership with faculty and other staff members on campus, and through these combined efforts, they strive to assist students in becoming self-sufficient in the career planning process, and successful in the acquisition of meaningful and satisfying work.