Credit vs. Non-Credit Internships

Academic Credit

  • Meet with your faculty advisor to find out what your major requires for an internship to be taken for academic credit.
  • Meet with the Assistant Director For Experiential Learning in the Career Center to get the paperwork necessary to earn credit.
  • For credit internships are recorded on your transcript.
  • Internships can be 1, 2 or 4 credits.
  • Generally you will earn 1 semester credit hour for 36 hours of work at your internship site—there are a few exceptions so be sure to check with your department.
  • You must return the Registration Form, including faculty approval and signature, prior to the last date to add a class of the term in which you are completing the internship.

It is critical that you meet with a faculty member in the department in which you hope to earn credit. Each department has different processes and standards in awarding internship credit. For example, some departments may require that you keep a journal and complete a final paper as part of your experience. In addition, you and your supervisor will evaluate your performance and experience. Again, your faculty internship coordinator and the internship manager in the Career Center will help you to get the necessary paperwork rolling if you wish to earn academic credit during your internship. 

Learn more at: "How to Gain Academic Credit for your Internship"


  • Arranged between you and the employer.
  • A non-credit internship will not be recorded on your transcript.