Grown-up Field Trip!

It was exciting to travel into DC, with one of my coworkers, to encourage private donors to give to our organization. Since we had to commute in, I was able to get to know her more and learn about the company at a better level. So far everyone has been kind to me and talks about how Humanity and Inclusion is like a family, which is not normal in all work environments.

The challenging part of the day was that I had to start telling others about a company I just started getting to know last Friday. It was also difficult narrowing down what about HI I wanted others to know about, the company does so much! Most of the people were going to each table quickly, sometimes only to grab the cool swag (like our bags and water bottles), so we had to know our pitch and speak well. Luckily I don't get nervous in front of people and neither did my coworker, so I could relax and listen to what she said and try my best to do the same.

What I tried to get out to people was that HI is an organization that helps disabled people in over 60 countries of the world, with 386 projects going on right now! They help with creating inclusive education, occupation, society and much more. They also help with disaster relief or in emergency situations. The last thing they do is work in war zone areas to ‘de-mine’ landlines and cluster munitions, which are dangerous because young children may try to play with the dangerous weapons, or even an innocent person will step on a bomb.

There is so much I am learning each day and it continues to challenge me. Sometimes I want to learn as much as I can before speaking or writing about what I am doing, this is part of my input where it can hurt me at times. Instead, I am glad my coworkers have been encouraging me to speak and to not be worried about knowing everything. It proved to be a good challenge for me, to show that I don't need to know it all before sharing it with others.

I encourage you all to explore the Humanity and Inclusion website to learn more about all the countries they are working in and the work they do!

I hope you all get to go on a grown-up field trip soon too, I am sure it will be a highlight of my month here.

All the best, Becca

Becca in front of the Hubert H. Humphrey Building in DC.
Becca reading a HI newsletter while also tabling for HI at a work event as an intern.
Becca at a table with HI swag.