How I Helped the Office

Today was the day that I cleaned the company closet. Full of newsletters, previous annual reports, cups, hats, mugs, notebooks, you get the picture. I went to Sara this morning and briefly mentioned the closet and she told me that I should just gut it out and make it an all day job.

I started with the smaller closet, that was supposed to be for hanging up jackets, but it was full of other items. Once I finished I thought I was done, and then realized I had made a mistake, the real closet was the one to the left, much messier. I spent the entire morning from 9:00am until 11:30am cleaning, organizing, labeling the closet for the staff members. Once in a while, the other members of staff would walk by and comment, "I have never seen it look so good" or "Looks great". I was amazed at how a simple task, like organizing a closet could be. I really did benefit the rest of the staff. They are all too busy with their daily job to take time to clean a closet, so it build up, and before they knew it, they couldn't even walk into it. And that's where I stepped in. I was able to organize a small area, so their lives can be that much easier. That is kind of what an internship is like. Interns are hired to make the lives of everyone else easier. Whether it is stuffing thank you letters, editing documents, or even cleaning a closet.

By the end of the day, I was feeling exhausted. Not just from the physical labor of lifting boxes up and down all morning, but also having worked 9-5, five days in a row. Once 3pm hit, I was ready to be done, not because I don't like my internship, I love it. I was just ready to relax after a week of accomplishments. I edited 4 stories for the webpage, ethically screened 2 companies, and went on 2 field trips.

Time for me to check-out for the weekend!




Messy Closet before it was cleaned
Closet, after Becca cleaned it Friday morning