Asian Studies

David Thompson (department head), Gereon Kopf (program director)

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary field that studies the cultures and peoples of Asia. Asian studies provides a theoretical framework that addresses the particular historical context in which European modernity defined Asia and against which Asian cultures defined themselves. The minor in Asian studies includes coursework in the study of culture, history, language, and religion, and it complements majors in a range of disciplines, including anthropology, economics, history, language and literature, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, and others. Asian studies provides important cultural context for a wide range of careers in academics, business, government, and nongovernmental organizations.

Required for a minor: 25 hours including CHIN 101, 102 and 201; two courses from the Asian studies core (from two different disciplines); one additional Asian studies elective (selected from the Asian studies core or electives approved by the Asian Studies Board); and AS 389 Directed Research, which serves as the capstone course. One course must be at the 300 level or above (not including AS 389).

Students may complete language coursework in another Asian language, as long as the program of study can be recognized as transfer credit by the Luther registrar. In cases where students place into a higher level of language (beyond CHIN 101), the balance of the language coursework would then be replaced by additional courses from the Asian studies core, with at least one course from each of the three areas (language and foreign culture, history, and religion), such that the credits accumulated for the minor total 25.

A student may use no more than two courses from another major or minor to satisfy the requirements for the Asian studies minor. Students may not minor in Asian studies and also major or minor in international studies with a South and East Asian regional focus.

Appropriate special topics courses, PAID 450 courses, and study abroad courses are reviewed by the Asian Studies Board and may be approved for the Asian studies minor. Students may petition the Asian Studies Board to have relevant courses meet degree requirements.

Asian Studies Core Courses

  • Language and Foreign Culture: CHIN 202, 242; FCUL 142, 242, 339
  • History: HIST 161, 162, 262, 361, 362
  • Religion: REL 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 364

Language immersion experience: A language immersion experience is strongly recommended for the minor, but not required.

Language Learning Center

The department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics has a Language Learning Center in Main Building. Language students have access to computerized language learning materials, to computers with audio and video editing software, and to video study rooms where they may view prerecorded foreign language videos and DVDs or watch live international TV. The Languages Learning Center also houses the department's Foreign Language Media Library with over 800 foreign language films and a selection of leisure reading books and audio books for language learners. Students can check out these materials as well as audio and video equipment for their class assignments. The Language Learning Center also provides language students with valuable work-study experiences related to their interest in languages.

Asian Studies Courses

AS 389 Directed Research

  • 1 hour

Capstone course for the Asian Studies minor.