Law & Values

Steve Holland (program director)

Law & Values is an interdisciplinary major that draws on the fields of philosophy, law, politics, and economics to provide students the tools to understand the complex set of institutions that shape societies so they can engage important questions about the common good. Graduates will be well-equipped to go on to law school, to attend graduate programs in public policy and similar fields, or to enter the workplace readied with the skills necessary to become leaders in law, business, politics, civil service, and the nonprofit sector.

Required for a major: Majors will take twelve courses - four foundation courses, two integration courses, and six electives. No more than three courses counting for another major or minor may be applied to the Law & Values major. Writing in the major requirement is completed with LV 485. Law & Values majors may elect to complete the senior project in another major.

PHIL 120, POLS 132, ECON 130, and PHIL 110, POLS 240, or ECON 242

Integration: LV 250 and LV 485

Electives (six required): Majors must take at least one course from each of the following categories. At least one of the six electives must be at the 300 level or above. 

  • Normative Systems: PHIL 150, PHIL 300, PHIL 320, IDS 260, POLS 252, REL 302
  • Legal and Political Systems: POLS 247, POLS 340, POLS 350, POLS 355, ECON 268, MGT 361, REL 254, SOC 253
  • Economic Systems: ECON 247, ECON 255, ECON 262, ECON 272, ECON 333, ECON 348, ECON 362, SOC 287

Internships are strongly encouraged, and students may petition the Law & Values board to approve an appropriate 4-credit internship to satisfy one of the elective requirements.

View program learning goals for an explanation of learning outcomes in Law & Values. 

LV 250 Law and the Quest for Justice

  • 4 hours
  • Fulfills: Human Behavior

What is law and how does law help to shape a good society? This class is an introduction to legal systems, the philosophy of law, and the relationship between law and ethics through cases, film, and literature. Using justice as a lens, we will explore the nature of law as well as the intersections between legal, political, and economic systems.

LV 485 Seminar

  • 4 hours
  • Prerequisites: Junior or senior status; Law & Values major; or consent of instructor.

Open to junior or senior Law & Values majors, this seminar will focus on major themes at the intersections of ethics, law and society. Students will be actively involved in class discussions, presentations, and research projects. Offered annually, this capstone seminar will serve to integrate knowledge and information students have gained in the interdisciplinary Law & Values program.

LV 490 Senior Project

  • 1, 2, or 4 hours