Musical Theatre

Joe Madrigal (department head)

The musical theatre minor is intended for students of any major interested in studying the intersections of dance, music and theatre. The minor emphasizes the performer as creator by providing a broad foundation through performance-related course work and the study of the art form in context to its historical underpinnings and current trends in musical theatre.

Required for a musical theatre minor: 26-28 hours including THTR 100 (three times); THTR 105, THTR 208, THTR 308, THTR 353, THTR 130 (four times). A music major or minor who wishes to minor in musical theatre may substitute MUS 130, 230, 330 and 430 for THTR 130.

Correlative requirement:  One 4-credit elective selected from courses in dance; a choice of MUS 121 and MUS 121L or MUS 115 and MUS 116.

Recommendation: MUS 121 and MUS 121L for students who read music. MUS 115 and MUS 116 for students who do not read music.


  1. Theatre majors with a musical theatre minor may use the required three THTR 100 experiences to count toward the six required THTR 100 experiences for the theatre major as long as three of the six THTR 100 experiences involve a substantial interaction with music.
  2. THTR 353: The History of Musical Theatre may not be substituted to count toward a theatre major's THTR 351: Theatre History I and THTR 352: Theatre History II requirement.
  3. THTR 208: Acting for Musical Theatre and THTR 308: Voice for Musical Theatre may not count toward a theatre major's 200 and 300 level course requirements, or as an elective in the theatre minor.

View program learning goals for an explanation of learning outcomes in Musical Theatre.