Frequently Asked Questions

What is College Possible?
College Possible is a non-profit that has partnered with your college to provide near-peer (recent college graduate) coaches for Pell-eligible and/or first-generation college students. College Possible works with about 30,000 students each year across the US.

Why should I participate?
Participation provides you with a near-peer coach who will accompany you through your college journey.  Your coach can help you navigate campus policies and procedures, complete the FAFSA each year, connect you to campus resources, assist you with time management skills and provide encouragement. Your coach is there for you, no matter what.

Who will be my coach?
A coach will be assigned to you once you enroll in College Possible.  Coaches work with about 100 to 120 students and serve for one or two years. Your coach will change over time but the level of commitment from your coach won’t change.

When and where will I meet with my coach? And, how often will I meet with my coach?
Your coach has an office on your campus and is available Monday through Friday to meet face-to face. If you have questions or concerns in the evenings or on the weekends, your coach is available by text, Facebook or by appointment.  

How long will I have a coach?
Your coach will accompany you throughout your journey at your college, and if you take some time off of school.  As your campus knowledge and confidence builds, you may not need your coach as often as when you first arrived on campus. That is OK. Your coach will stay in touch with you and will connect with you at critical points in the academic year.

Who is eligible for College Possible?
College Possible’s program model is designed for college students coming from low-income and/or first-generation backgrounds.

Are there leadership opportunities for me with College Possible?
Yes! College Possible’s student leadership board at your campus is called the College Possible Community Leaders. If you are interested in learning more about this, talk to your coach about how you can get involved.

Can my friends join College Possible?
If there is space in the program and your friends meet the eligibility requirements, absolutely! Please encourage your friends to talk with your coach and/or complete the application.

Can I quit College Possible?
We hope that you will see the value of the program and that you will want to stay involved.  If you feel that you no longer need a coach, you can talk with your coach about decreasing the number of contacts.  For some students, participation is required by the institution so it is critical that you talk with your coach before just leaving the program.