Teaching Partnerships

To foster collaboration and innovation - CELT awards semester-long Teaching Partnerships to pairs of faculty.

Teaching Partnerships are on hold for 2022-2023. Please inquire about our ACM Funded Faculty Fellow Program

Teaching Partnerships will be awarded to pairs of faculty who commit to visiting each other’s classes, giving feedback on each other’s teaching, discussing challenges and successes in teaching, and sharing strategies for improving teaching effectiveness. Teaching Partners may be from the same or different departments. All faculty are eligible to apply.


Teaching Partners are expected to:

  • establish goals for the partnership
  • observe each other’s teaching in the classroom, lab, studio, or field at least twice during the semester
  • meet at least four times during the semester to discuss teaching observations, give feedback, and share teaching strategies
  • submit a brief report and evaluation of the Teaching Partnership experience by Monday, December 19, 2022


Applications are due Friday September 16, and should be submitted by email attachment or shared link to Kate Elliott ([email protected])  Each application must include the following:

  • Name, department, and email address of each teaching partner
  • List of courses being taught by each partner this semester
  • Brief statement from each partner explaining why you are interested in this program and what you hope to gain from it
  • Joint statement of partnership goals for the semester

CELT will provide campus meal tickets for coffee or lunch to use when meeting either in person or over Zoom for partnership discussions. In addition, each partner will receive a $125 stipend in your paycheck when all of the expectations outlined above have been met, including the submission of the brief report of your activities and takeaways.

Funding is available to support five Teaching Partnerships this semester. Teaching Partnership awards will be announced on Monday, September 19.