Small Teaching/Big Learning

This page highlights the changes that Luther professors are making in their classrooms to adapt to the change of 2020 and 2021. Videos have been recorded with consent.

Dr. Amy Weldon

Watch Dr. Amy Weldon explain how building in daily reflection activities helps to stimulate intellectual curiosity, build student connections, and promote metacognition.

Using Exit Tickets to Help Students Promote Metacognition, Amy Weldon

Dr. Holly Moore

Watch Dr. Holly Moore explain how she used Katie Forums as a method for discussion in her class. The use of prompts, technology, and an organized schedule encouraged active and engaging discussions in her class even when she was not physically at class!

Using Katie Forums for Synchronous Discussion, Holly Moore

Dr. Sören Steding

Watch Dr. Sören Steding explain how he used available cameras as a method to record videos for his class. His use of available technology to make the classroom environment accessible to all students, regardless of if they are physically in class or on a zoom call!

Doc Cams for Zoom Facilitation, Sören Steding

Dr. Brian Hiester

Watch Dr. Brian Hiester explain his techniques to divide a 3-hour class to simulate student engagement and promote active learning. Even if you don't teach a lab course, Dr. Hiester's methods are a great way to break up long class periods, even if they are virtual!

Managing long class periods, Brian Hiester

Dr. Tommy Occhipinti

Watch Dr. Tommy Occhipinti explain how he used a document camera and pen and paper as a whiteboard to deliver synchronous and asynchronous content. You don't have to be teaching math to benefit from Dr. Occhipinti's method!

Doc cams for content delivery, Tommy Occhipinti

You can see more examples of Dr. Occhipinti's content using doc cameras on his YouTube channel.

Dr. Marie Drews

Watch Dr. Marie Drew explained how she used an engaging platform, Padlet, with its fun and exciting features to create a supportive environment for her students and to support sense-making. You do not have to be teaching a literary course to be able to use this amazing platform!

Padlet to support sense-making, Marie Drews

Dr. Brooke Joyce

Watch Dr. Brooke Joyce explain his use of podcasts to deliver asynchronous content to his students during Spring 2020. You do not have to be teaching music lessons to be able to use the same format to deliver content to your students in a diverse manner!

Podcasts for asynchronous content delivery, Dr. Brooke Joyce