Class of 1955 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018

Dear 1955 Classmate:

It has been an unusual winter in much of the country. In late January, after annual physicals and getting tax work done, we set out for Arizona. It had been very cold in Northern Minnesota so we were happy to leave. The weather on the way was fine until we got to Arizona where it started to rain. Then during our first month here, there were seven straight days of rain, some of it very heavy which can cause flash floods due to the soil density (that is, water doesn’t soak in; it just runs off). There have also been several nights when temperatures hovered around 32 degrees and with frost, and many cool days making the swimming pools rather unattractive. Feeling sorry for ourselves, we soon felt fortunate to have escaped the February snow, ice, and rain that covered many states. So, all in all, Arizona is a good place in which to spend some of the winter.

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