Class of 1971 Fall 2018 Letter

Dear Friends,

Class agents are writing an early newsletter this year, and I’ll include some suggested information later.  As I’m writing this for an August 10 deadline, I’m reminded of Luther memories I don’t share in these letters, nor do we share them often at our five-year reunion gatherings:  Summer memories.  What were your summer patterns after that last class in May?  I usually headed back to Escondido for my YMCA job and occasionally helped my dad in the orange and avocado groves, but during the summer of ’70, classmate Jim Schroeder and I were able to hitchhike around Europe for two months. The month before I worked for Scott Addington (’69) at his Waterloo chicken distribution warehouse.  Some of you stayed around Decorah for summer jobs, some were able to travel, and some attended summer school classes. I imagine we could collect a bunch of summer work stories. 

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