Class of 1980 Spring 2019 Letter

Spring, 2019

A note from Kris:

Dear Classmates,

Sharing my love of Luther College and the impact it has on my life is always one of my first responses when I meet new people. The knowing reaction of heads nodding in acknowledgment of Luther being a great school, and sharing the agreement that Luther shapes people, and transforms lives is often the result. My travel wanderlust was inspired at Luther College with trips like the Symphony Orchestra J-term spent in Vienna, and the WFLCCB trip of the East Coast among others. Currently, I am touring Israel with a group of leaders from the Lutheran Church and students from Luther Seminary are meeting up with us in places like worship, dinners, and visits with leaders like Mitri Raheb. Luther College instilled the responsibility of social awareness, pursuit of justice and honesty in actions. Do you remember reading books that provoked thought and conversation? We have a lot to be thankful for as we look back on our years at Luther.  

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