Class of 2003 Summer 2018 Reunion Letter

Summer 2018

Hello Class of 2003!

One of my young coworkers asked me last week if you ever stop missing college. I sort of giggled at her, but knowing that I needed to write this letter to all of you I have been reminiscing about my four years at Luther a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about how some days the trips to Whippy Dip, Orange Day in the caf, and Corner Bar Tuesdays feel like yesterday, and other days it feels like 15 years was a lifetime ago. I’ve also been thinking/wondering about the adventures you all have had—grad school, travels, families, jobs, etc.—since we were last together. Mainly though, I keep thinking about how lucky we all were to start out together at Luther, surrounded by people and professors who cared so much about preparing us for what our future held.  

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