Class of 2017 Fall 2017 Letter

Fall 2017

Dear Friend,

It is hard to believe that eight months have already passed since we gathered together to walk across the stage in May. This time has sparked a season of transition, new beginnings, and, perhaps, learning things the hard way more often than we would like to. As your class agents, we hope everyone is having a smooth transition out of the Luther bubble! Whether you are still in the Midwest or have been traveling all around the world, we hope you haven’t forgotten the memories made during your time at Luther College.  

As Luther’s newest group of alumni, it is important for us to show our financial support to current students so that they can keep making memories on our beautiful campus. As we continue to build our new lives, do not forget to give back to Luther! The college is sustained by alumni and donor support to maintain the level of excellence it provides, and to continue to be the campus we fell in love with.

In case you haven’t heard, many exciting changes have occurred since we have been away. For example, did you know that there is a new Alumni Ambassador Program, and if you, as an alum, refer a student to attend Luther, they will receive a $1,000 scholarship each year of their four years? Yes, that’s right. They will be given a Luther scholarship all because of you! Did you also know that the Annual Fund has been renamed? It is now called the Luther Fund! Not only has the Development Office been busy, but our athletics department has installed impressive blue turf on the football field, and the tennis team is benefitting from brand new outdoor courts; both look incredible! We hope you can visit our alma mater again very soon, and stay updated through social media about the exciting things happening on campus!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Stephanie Duregger
2017 Class Agent
[email protected]

Luigi Enriquez
2017 Class Agent
[email protected]

Solveig Nelson
2017 Class Agent
[email protected]

Samantha Phillips
2017 Class Agent
[email protected]



Cody Arndtson is a professional ballroom dancer, instructor, and marketing coordinator for Dancers Studios in Saint Paul, Minn.

Matthew Chlebek is an account executive with Midwest Insurance Group in Milwaukee.

Madeline Geier is a teaching assistant at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

Emily Holm is assistant product marketer at Fortress Press in Minneapolis.

Amelia Scarbrough was selected by the Austrian-American Educational Commission to serve as a U.S. teaching assistant for the 2017-18 academic year to teach English in secondary schools in Austria.