Classical Studies

The Classical Studies Minor

Five courses are required for the Classical Studies minor. These include two foundation courses that cover both Greek and Roman history/culture (see list below), plus three electives chosen from Classical Studies, ART 251, HIST 241, HIST 242, MUS 244, and PHIL 200. Other non-language courses may apply with the permission of the department head.

Students may also apply Greek 101, Greek 102, Latin 101, and/or Latin 102 to the minor for a maximum of two electives. Two sequential language courses in Greek or Latin will satisfy the foreign language requirement at Luther.

Greek History/Culture
CLAS 250 Ancient World: Greece
CLAS 240: Classical Mythology
CLAS 270: Archaeology of Ancient Greece
CLAS 299: Study Abroad Classics (Greece)

Roman History/Culture
CLAS 275: Archaeology of Ancient Rome
CLAS 299: Study Abroad Classics (Italy)
CLAS 330: Pompeii: Life and Death in a Roman City
HIST 241: Rome: Republic and Empire