Featured Student Work

Amber Sorenson, “It Can Happen to Anybody’s Child”: How Families Affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma Work Through the Stages of Family Crisis to Create a New “Normal,” COMS 357 Research Methods (Spring 2018).  Her project was competitively selected for presentation at the International Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma Conference in Australia in 2019.  It also won the Top Paper Award at the Iowa Communication Association Conference and will be published in the organization's journal.

Lizzy DePrenger, “Small (Businesses), but Mighty: Women in Leadership,” COMS 239 Cultivating Quality Communication (January 2018).  Her project consisted of interviewing women business owners of small local companies, as well as conducting ethnographic and participant observation by emerging herself in those various companies to better understand their communicative relational and community interactions.

Evan Lobdell, “Nature is Me,” COMS 358 Concepts of Media Production II: The Documentary (Spring 2018).

Josie Lange, “Tone and Tighten," COMS 258 Concepts of Media Production (Fall 2019).

Grace Onsrud, “Inside the Creative Mind,” COMS 348 Radio Journalism (Spring 2018)

Anders Nyberg, “How Students Use Music for Studying,” Coms 348 Radio Journalism (Spring 2019)