About Our Program

Student composer Pablo Gómez-Estévez '17 and his combo perform an original composition during a masterclass with The Bad Plus in 2017.

Luther College proudly supports a composition program that fosters, encourages, and grows young composers who are interested in making their mark. Students who choose to specialize in music theory and composition take courses in counterpoint, analytical techniques, orchestration, electronic music, and more. Composers at Luther enjoy immersive opportunities to have their original works performed in public, to interact with other students in the same discipline, and to learn from visiting professionals through regular events on Luther’s campus.

The composition program at Luther College empowers students to hone their craft and garner invaluable skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of rewarding experiences in the composition field. Alumni of the composition program have gone on to maintain exceptional careers as composers and educators around the United States and beyond.

Whether you're a seasoned composer or just wanting to dip your toes in composition for the first time, there are opportunities for you to start shaping your journey at Luther in our composition program!

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