For Instructors

In today's hyperlinked world, finding and accessing information for use in the classroom is easier than ever. With online tools like KATIE, it is nearly effortless to digitally republish and share material with students. Sharing information in digital form also heightens the importance of ensuring that use of that information is done so in compliance with copyright law.

As educators, sharing and building upon the intellectual property of others is at the core of our scholarship. It is increasingly important that we as educators both share our own creativity through scholarship as well as properly use the intellectual creativity of others. Respecting the copyright ownership of others ensures that others respect our own rights.

Luther College expects all faculty to ensure that all materials (physical and virtual) used in courses are done so in compliance with all federal copyright laws and statutes. According to the Luther Copyright Policy, responsibility for clearing copyright for materials in all formats rests with the course instructor.

Copyright in the Classroom

Specific provisions in US Copyright law enable greater use of copyrighted materials in the face-to-face and virtual classrooms. See our page on using Copyright in the Classroom for more information about making and distributing copies, displaying images, and playing films and sound recordings in the classroom. 


Coursepacks are defined as collected anthologies of individually published material (usually journal articles and individual chapters from larger works) collected for use in a single course.  See this page for more information about creating and assigning Coursepacks.

Course Reserves

Items may be placed on physical reserve at the circulation desk in Preus Library. See the Course Reserves page for more information.

Film in Instruction

Want to use a film in your class? See these guidelines for the best way to meet your needs.

KATIE and Copyright

See the KATIE and Copyright page for more information about how copyright laws apply to materials shared electronically through a course management system. 

Music and Performances

There are special copyright considerations for music and performances, either in the classroom, on campus, or online.

Syllabi Language

See this page for recommended copyright language you may use in your syllabi.