For Staff

Copyright is for everyone! As Luther College staff, you create materials that may be protected by copyright, and you also use copyrighted materials in the course of your responsibilities at Luther. These resources will help you navigate the use of copyright as Luther College staff.

Is It Protected by Copyright?

The first step in determining how and when you may use materials created by someone else is to find out if they are protected by copyright. Check out our materials on Does Copyright Law Apply?

Music or Public Performance

Music and Copyright explains the issues with performing and playing recorded or live music as well as video.  Use it as a guide when planning an on-campus event.

Fair Use

Fair use is the provision of copyright law that allows for the use of copyrighted materials in certain situations. Find out if your planned use is a fair use case. 

Getting Permission

When you need to get permission to use copyrighted material, use these resources to direct your request to the right place.