Logo Style Guide

The Luther College logos have been professionally designed to support Luther’s identity. Therefore, it’s important that the marks be used in a consistent manner. We need the help of everyone on campus who uses the logos. To preserve the integrity of the college’s logos, follow these guidelines.

  • Academic and administrative departments should use only the Luther College word marks.
  • Student clubs and organizations and the Admissions, Alumni, and Student Life offices may use the Luther word marks or the Norse head logo featuring the word Luther.
  • Norse head logos featuring the word Norse are reserved for use by varsity athletics teams.
  • Use the logos as they are provided—do not alter them. Do not use them as the foundation for additional artwork.
  • Give the logos room to stand on their own and maintain their own identity; don’t crowd them with other elements. Examples
  • Scale proportionally; do not stretch the logos.
  • Don’t use or imitate the logo font elsewhere in your piece.
  • Use a bold sans serif font (e.g., Futura Heavy or Avenir Bold) if you are associating text with one of the Luther logos. This is the preferred way to create a logo specific to your department or organization. Examples.
  • Don’t use a logo as an element in a sentence; just use the words Luther College or Norse.
  • Acceptable colors for logos are blue (PMS 294), black, or white.
  • Maintain high contrast if using logos placed over photos or other light backgrounds. Examples
  • Do not outline the logos; use reverse (white) logos on dark backgrounds.
  • Learn more about choosing which file type to use.

Questions? The Publications Office staff is happy to help. Call (563) 387-1350 or email [email protected].