About the Camp

The Luther College Summer Dance Camp started as a spark of inspiration by Luther alumna Christie Owens. It is designed to give kids grades 6-12 across the Midwest a chance to experience all of the empowering and magical moments that come with combining Dance and Camp. Campers with all backgrounds, dance techniques, dance levels, and performing arts disciplines have fun learning at Dance Camp!

All are welcome at camp to share in creating and campers leave feeling challenged, empowered, and uplifted. All campers are moved to find truth and expression through movement and dance, guided by talented counselors and international teachers who have trained with Jane Hawley’s nationally acclaimed Movement Fundamentals. With daily dance classes built around a variety of teachers and techniques (contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, and improvisation), workshops focus on cultivating individual and collective inspiration. Campers come home INSPIRED by a rounded approach to dance, expression, body, performance, creation, and learning!

MOVE and PLAY for Youth: Social-Emotional Learning in Action

The science behind camp: It’s Brain-Based!

At Dance Camp, we know that Movement is impactful in more ways than one. “Scientific research supports one major claim about movement and learning: the same part of the brain that processes movement also happens to process learning, attention, and memory—the cerebellum. So in the same way that regular physical activity strengthens the muscles, movement similarly helps construct and strengthen neural pathways.” This literally means movement helps our brains work better!

At Camp we also value the potential of Play, defined as a self-chosen, self-directed, non-stressed frame of mind, having to do with motivation and mental attitude.

When we combine Movement with Play, an essential ingredient with all camps, we provide space for our youth to have control, agency, and freedom within their dancing and inquiring without fear of judgment or making mistakes.

Movement and Play at Dance Camp give our campers the tools to activate and inspire at camp, and when they leave camp. An experience at Dance Camp builds strong and multi-faceted voices, leaders and dancers. Movement and Play is a way into building youth across the Midwest into creative, expressive leaders.

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