Contact Improvisation

Students participate in a contact improvisation jam.

"In order to understand my connection with academia and contact improvisation, one should understand that I am studying nursing. Collaboration, creativity, communication, open thinking, and cultural diversity are integral components of my nursing practice. This understanding made me realize that contact improvisation is more than just rolling around on the ground, there are key elements that are learned in contact that will be vital to my future as a nurse. Not only will these aspects improve my skills in practice, but also in everyday life and with my relationships with others."

-Paxton Kempel '17

Contact Improvisation explores physical contact among participants and challenges preconceptions about the gendered body.

It emphasizes finding mindful and physical ways to prepare to be “ready” to dance. This comes from centering mind and body, finding humor, sharing weight, movement, and focus on sensations. Contact Improvisation helps to build skills of trust, receptivity, responsiveness, and preparedness.