We Do Dance Differently

The dance minor at Luther is for the student who is continuing their study of dance, re-entering dance, or dancing for the first time. Our program supports a radical and progressive approach to that end through Movement Fundamentals, a dance curriculum that nurtures the birthright of moving efficiently, often, and creatively.

Movement Fundamentals and the dance minor focuses on:

  • healing
  • sense of community
  • functionality
  • connection
  • communication
  • progress
  • understanding of self

Dance at Luther is not like traditional dance because of Movement Fundamentals impact on the courses. Our dance program cultivates self hood and a sense of individual artistry within community.

 In addition to the dance minor, students can pursue an Individualized Interdisciplinary Major specializing in Movement Fundamentals. Strengthened by the liberal arts program at Luther, our students go on to be dancers, choreographers, educators, therapists, doctors, farmers, and any other career you can think of.

Current Students and Alumni Perspectives