CIES Weekly Newsletter May 1 - May 7, 2022


  • Sign up to be a flag bearer for commencement! The CIES office is looking for volunteers who will be on campus for graduation to sign up to be flag carriers for the ceremony. These individuals need to be available for practice on Friday, May 20 at a time to be determined. Flag bearers have front row seats and can see everyone who is graduating. If interested, please sign up in the CIES office. You must physically sign up in order to be a flag bearer. Please click this link to view the country flags that will be displayed. 
  • Graduating International Students! Please fill out this form if you are interested in purchasing an international stole for commencement. Please direct questions to [email protected]. Please note the CIES office is not associated with this order and does not buy international stoles. If any other student organization would like to organize a stole order, this is the website to order stoles. 
  • Council for Faith and Life: Call for Nominations! The Office of College Ministries and the Religion Department are asking faculty and staff to nominate students to the Council for Faith and Life. This council will be responsible for overseeing the role of faith in campus life and for building and maintaining collaborative relationships across departments, faith traditions, and the wider community. To submit names or for more information, contact Guy Nave ([email protected]) or Pastor Melissa Bills ([email protected]).
  • Applications are open for the “American Indian Services College Scholarships”! Undergraduate students in all studies are invited to apply. Application Deadline: 1st July or 1st November 2022! Total Award Amount: One-half of the tuition fees. Follow this link for more information: American Indian Services College Scholarships
  • Explore Interstride! A tool for international students to find jobs, immigration support, and network. The Career Center is encouraging international students to explore Interstride. This is a service that can help you to:

    Find a US internship or a job that sponsors H-1B
    Look for international job opportunities
    Learn about the Job search process CPT, OPT, & STEM OPT Extension
    Prep for job interviews
    Register for upcoming webinars on topics of interest such as “Immigrating to Canada: The ins and outs of the Canadian immigration system” and “Career Networking in the U.S.”

    (Email the Career Center, [email protected] or Jorge Contreras, Career Peer Advisor, [email protected] if you have any questions).


  • Audition and perform with Norse C.O.R.E. Norse C.O.R.E. is an opportunity for students of all backgrounds to come together and create community through an hour and half long performance. In short scenes, we speak on issues like sexual violence, substance abuse, racial profiling, microagressions, mental illness, and so much more. Our goal is to create art, community, and conversation for our first years. It would be a week-long commitment for students the week before school starts, with two performances for first-years during their orientation activities. We believe the event is an extremely important way to educate young students. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this google form to set up an interview.