Student Conference Funding

CIES provides some assistance to students wishing to attend conferences relating to diversity and inclusion, identity, and other related topics. Availability of funds is subject to change, so no funding request is guaranteed. Successful proposals will be awarded between $100 and $250, to be determined by the CIES Director. In order to apply for funding, students must submit a proposal within a minimum of two weeks before the conference date. Applicants are encouraged to use this form to apply for funding. All applications must include the following information:

  • Brief description of the conference including date and location
  • Full cost, including registration, transportation (air and/or ground), and accommodation
  • Student’s contribution 
  • Requested amount
  • Other contributors (Department or Office name, and amount contributed)
  • Benefit to the Luther community
  • Name of faculty/staff who will be accompanying the group and the department that is covering this cost.