Student Organizations

CIES Student Organizations:

  • Asian Students and Allies Association, ASAA (1983) - The organization's core mission is to encourage, uphold greater involvement by Asian students in the Luther College community and to facilitate the integration of Asian students with the wider American society, through events and other involvements on campus. ASAA welcomes all Asian students, Asian Pacific American students, non-Asian students to the group. Weekly meetings are on Wednesdays, from 7:00PM-8:00PM, in Valders 252. Meetings are open for everyone to attend.
  • Beta Theta Omega, BTQ (2002) - A multicultural and multiracial women’s leadership group. In spite of its Greek name, it is not a sorority.

  • Black Student Union, BSU (1968) - An organization that supports students from Africa and the diaspora in their search for community and helps to ensure their persistence through graduation.

  • International Students and Allies Association, ISAA (1994) - A group where different cultures are brought together to work at promoting global cultural competence. The organization also provides a space where students who are interested in global issues can work together on projects aimed at better educating themselves and the wider community.

  • Latines Unides (2000) - Began under the name Hispanic and Latino Student Association. Has gone through several name changes since its creation.

  • Luther Disability Alliance, LDA (2018) - LDA is a student-led group that supports and advocates for disabled students on our campus, including visible and invisible disabilities. LDA meets every other Tuesday to discuss disability, make plans for increasing accessibility, and enjoy each other’s company. LDA is a two-tiered group that is led by those who identify as disabled. Meetings are often structured so that the first half is for disabled students and the second half includes allies. This semester we are working on improving the CFL’s accessibility and hosting events like trivia and movie nights to promote visibility of disabled people. Please come to our meetings! If you are not yet on the email list, please contact our president, Andrew Avila.

  • the People for the Rights and Inclusion of Diversity and Expression, PRIDE (1984) - PRIDE fosters a safe space for all on campus, specifically LGBTQIA+ students and allies. We sponsor a wide range of events (from game nights to panels to book clubs to film screenings) to help open a dialogue for intersectionality, inclusion, and redefine what it means to be safe and accepted. We meet every Wednesday at 8pm with all other events sent out over email & social media.

  • Zeta Tau Psi, ZTP (2006) - Zeta Tau Psi is a multicultural service fraternity which prides itself on showing respect, dignity, integrity, leadership and brotherhood through cultural, intellectual, and social diversity. Inspired by the work and care of our brothers, we act as upstanding members of the Luther community, and continually work to make Luther a more inclusive home. Our current semester is dedicated to tackling toxic masculinity as a topic both for the benefit of our brotherhood and the Luther community. Look out for promotional material about future Zeta Tau Psi events around campus and upcoming informal sessions for students interested in joining our brotherhood. MAWUP.